14 October 2010

headache in style

so yeah, i'm totally copying vanessa east of one frozen margarita. i am just totally jealous of how she rocks turbans and scarves. don't get me wrong, i am totally a scarves girl and have a dozen at home but they only get worn at home or at the beach. but today, with full conviction, i decided to wear them to work. sure i got a few stares from people coming into the office and at one point, when my sister came in, she joked and asked if i had a headache. well yes, a headache in style. *wink*

pardon me for the photo heavy post. this is what happens when the electricity has gone out twice in a day and all work is paused because everything we do is dependent on it. so we opened up the blinds and took advantage of the warm afternoon light. and yup, that's armand at my back, totally posing as if he didn't know i was taking photos of myself. haha!

polka dot scarf used as turban - thrifted
striped tee - thrifted
grey shorts - props
beaded sandals - gifted from harry
necklaces: key and fairy - props
bangles: wound brass wires - carbon find | white wood - chatuchak, bangkok
rings: white stone - props | butterfly - gifted from sweet

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Alex said...

You look amazing with the turban on! I'm going to have to give it a go.

gillian said...

ang duha biya! cgeg posing ga trabaho! hahaha I miss armand so much! And you are totally rocking that headpiece love! :)


Sweet said...

You did a good job with the turban Gizelle...honestly speaking you look great!!!

As for me...I have a particular round face and putting a turban on makes me look like a siopao hahahha you exactly know what that means hahahha!!!!

Kisses love

alyssa said...

you look awesome in that turban! i really really need to learn how to tie them like this! how did you do it?

i also love your necklaces! =D

Kara said...

you have the perfect hair for a turban!! I am so jealous! You look fantastic by the way!! And how jealous am I that you're still wearing shorts and sandals...sigh! :)


julianne. said...

i freekin love this outfit.
the top is great and so is the scarf.<3

being miss east said...

awwww looking lovely, guapa!!! angayan ra! go go go! youll get use to the stares. my brother always asks what the future holds for him everytime i don one hehe
see you this weekend! yey yey!

dred said...

i am totally loving it!!!! your hair is gorgeous kaau! :)


Ladawan said...

hahah bongga ang last pic gizelle wala ako masabi sa mga poses ni armand. a turban is good on you and i love those bracelets of yours!

Roan said...

Maypa mo, you can wear shorts to work! Haha!

Roan, The Explosive Orange

Anonymous said...

aww you look great with the turban!
i always wanted to try but im not daring enough.. plus i dont know how to make a turban out of a scarf :(

Marta said...

you look too cute!

Rand T said...

wowww so lovely!!!:)

athena said...

i love the turban/scarf look but i never really knew how to put one on.

how about a tutorial blog? :)

cherie said...

cute turban! i've always found turbans chic. how did u tie this one up? :)

xo, cherie of Parade of Dresses

Manila said...

Great blog you have! / Manilastreetstyle.com

projectvee said...

so cuuuuute!
i can't rock turbans, haha, but you sure can :)

aizkim said...

ooh..you beat me to it. I have been contemplating on doing a turban headband post for days (although mine would be a diy and not an outfit post), i just couldn't get around to do it. You totally rocked it Gizelle...sans the headache! hahaha! And kudos to Armand for that last shot.

The Big Bangs Theory said...

Wow you look gorgeous! So lovely! <3

<3 Camille

Meream said...

Ironically, wearing a turban WILL give me a headache. Haha.

Armand is adorable! I want Armand dolls! :)

Flashes of Style said...

cute turban! <3

Meg said...

That turban is super cute!

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

Gurl, YOU rock turbans and scarves. YOU ROCK IT SO HARD.

I love these pictures. They're so fun and quirky. And you're so gorgeous.

And daaang, electricity hasn't gone out for years, I believe! Sometimes it's nice when that happens - good to step away from all this silly technology and what not.


michelle_ said...

looking gorgeous giselle !
im always awed by people who can pull off a stunning headpiece ! i always find it hard to pull off headbands and everything :)

Kookie B. said...

i super love the headscarf! you look good with one!


soph (owl vs. dove) said...

That polka dot turban is the cutest!

Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

You look adorable! And loving the turban it looks super cute!


Beth said...

Loooove the hair scarf! I've been meaning to try that for some time, and you look so chic that I might have to.

Hope Adela said...

i love turbans and headscarves! you look awesome! =)


superumi said...

i would to wear a headband too in my post one day. been wearing them occasionally but never seems it was good enough as an outfit post. i guess simplicity at its best.

The Big Bangs Theory said...

Wow it's been a long time since I last visited your blog! I missed this! I love the headscarf! Looks really good on you! :)

<3 Camille

ShopGirlXOXO said...

I really love your sense of fashion. its tre magnifique!

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